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Browse thousands of video reviews of your local stores and choose the best one. You could also search and select the business for which you want to post a video review with the help of Review it. Quickly, easily and user friendly.

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Rate a business

Rate a business by either capturing a video or choosing a video from your storage which can drastically improve small time businesses around you.

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Change the status of review

Business owners can make a review private or public in case of a review being a fabricated one.

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Interact with people

Interact with the real-time users about the reviewed business through comments.

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How does it work?

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1 - Register as a user

You could register as a user and start posting video reviews about any business in your locality.

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2 - Register as a business owner

Register your business on our application and start receiving video reviews from users. This way, you can reach more people, increase engagement, and grow your business.

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3 - Explore reviews

You do not want to register with us? No problem, you can go ahead and browse all the reviews of businesses.

Subscription plans for business owners:


  • Receive reviews
  • Your reviews are made public by default after 30 days.
  • No control over the visibility of a review


  • Receive reviews
  • Control the visibility of a review


  • Receive reviews
  • Control the visibility of a review
  • Get pricing benefit when opting for a yearly plan
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