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Top Tourist Attractions in Germany

May 24, 2022

Germany is the land of fairytale castles, breathtaking scenery, a wide range of sensory experiences, and a rich cultural heritage.

The diversity of historic cities and small towns, along with the abundance of forests and mountains, leaves visitors with many unique choices when deciding where to visit.

A wide variety of amazing experiences awaits you here, making it nearly impossible to choose what is most enjoyable.

That said, here’s what we have found most enjoyable!

(Img Source: lifeofbrit)
  • Check out the Brandenburg Gate.
  • Visit the Black Forest, one of Europe’s most frequented upland regions, with its dark, thickly forested slopes.
  • For a spectacular view of Neuschwanstein, climb the steep hill on foot, or take the fun horse and buggy ride.
  • Wannsee Lake’s Sandy Beach is a great place to relax.
  • Even though you can enjoy the majestic Rhine River in many places in Germany, the Upper Middle Rhine Valley section, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is probably the most popular place.
  • The Hall of Antiquities at the Residenz Museum is a must-see.
  • A trip to the fantastic Europa theme park is one of the best things to do with children in Germany.
  • Museumsinsel, or Museum Island, boasts some of the city’s oldest and most significant museums. Tour it!
  • Unwind at the Englischer Garten.
  • A visit to The Flower Island of Lake Constance is a must.
  • Walk along the Berlin Wall.
  • Bring your children to the Mercedes Benz Museum.
  • Embark on a tour of the oldest cathedral in northern Europe, Aachen Cathedral.
  • Planten Un Blomen Park is a fantastic place to watch concerts and festivals.

What would you add to the list?

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