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Motivation – Are you lacking it?

March 31, 2022

Our internal desire can sum up our motivation to accomplish something we desire. We act on this desire since it motivates us to do something. Motivating ourselves to achieve a goal involves an unmet need that we want to fulfill; it consists of a plan that we want to achieve.

It is not always easy to stay motivated. Among the most underused resources in today’s workplace is motivation. Staying motivated and positive in life’s many twists and turns cannot be easy.

These five tips can guide you through a tough time and motivate you.


We all need some incentive to keep us going. To stay motivated, we ought to reward ourselves as soon as we complete a significant task.

Reflection is one of the simplest ways to express gratitude to oneself. Looking back on where you came from can give you the confidence to truly understand where you can go, providing hope for the future.

We can revel in our goodness without feeling arrogant or overconfident when enjoying what’s good about ourselves while acknowledging that everyone has strengths and weaknesses.

Positive Thoughts

Always try to see things in a positive light. Positive thinking helps you to stay motivated. Positive thinking and self-affirming statements will help you achieve the best results.

Positive thoughts also help us deal with stress. Motivation stems from a mind that can think clearly. 

When confronted with a problem, optimists typically consider what they can do to solve it. Instead of giving up hope, they gather their resources and are willing to seek assistance from others.

Positive emotions open up your semblance of possibilities and open your mind, allowing you to develop new skills and resources that can be useful in other aspects of your life.

Set a goal and keep track of the progress

One day’s success may not appear to be all that significant. On the other hand, people achieve their goals gradually, one small victory at a time. You’ll gain motivation and momentum towards achieving your goal if you keep track of your progress.

Even simply writing down your goals will help you be more accountable for following through on them.

The more goals you accomplish, the more you will see yourself grow and improve your personal and professional life.

Stop Multitasking

(Img Source: CU Management)

Multitasking does not increase productivity; instead, it makes integrating information and keeping track of it more challenging. While we can do everything, our brains are struggling to keep up, and we are jeopardizing the quality of our time by taking on too much.

When you perform many tasks at once, you get “burned out” much faster than if you tackled the essential things first and left time for fun later. Brain fatigue is accurate, and it can be crippling if it becomes a habit.

When you devote your attention to too many tasks at once, you will never have enough working memory to develop genuinely creative ideas and concepts.

Have a close circle for motivation during difficult times

It is critical to be around people who inspire you to achieve your goals. Make sure you have someone who can motivate you when you’re feeling down. A friend can encourage you to work harder when you’re about to give up.

Friends are the people who know us the best. They are aware of our strengths as well as our weaknesses. Because they know us so well, they keep us honest with ourselves and with each other.

When employees have high-quality relationships at work, they are more likely to put in more effort and achieve better results.

Apart from assisting, they can also teach us some of life’s most valuable lessons.

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