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Must Visit Places in Malaysia

March 3, 2022

Malaysia – Truly Asia!

Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo, with islands all around, make up this place, a country that is beautiful and most welcoming.

There are so many unique places to visit within the country. This country has it all, whether an island hopping tour or a highland staycation, or a day in the city.

Gathered below is a list of places that are sure to make your trip to Malaysia memorable and fun!

Kuala Lumpur

The capital of Malaysia is also officially known as the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur. Locally, the city is known as KL.

Vibrant and colorful, the city is famous for its skyscrapers, gardens, and other tourist attractions.

The city is home to The Petronas Twin Towers, one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world. It remains to be the tallest twin towers in the world.

Recently, Merdeka 118 was unveiled, and now it stands as the tallest skyscraper.

Lake Gardens, Malls, KLCC Aquaria, KL Bird Park, the National Museum are excellent attractions.

KL is a melting pot of food and cultures. You will be amazed by the vast array of options available- street hawkers, fine dining, and food courts. Chinese, Indian or Malay food, everything can be enjoyed at a much affordable price.


Home to UNESCO-listed George Town, this beach city has much to offer.

Penang is famous for its street food, and one can find a vast range of hawker stalls selling mouth-watering dishes.

The Escape theme park is a must-visit place for adventure seekers. It has so many fun and exciting things to do.

Hike up the Penang Hill, visit the Penang Butterfly Park, or visit the different temples when in Penang.

You can explore the Spice Garden, the National Park, or the museums around the city.

Lastly, get a good tan and enjoy the sounds of the ocean lying on one of the 20 best beaches in Penang.

Perhentian Islands

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The tropical island of Perhentian, located off the coast of Terengganu, is one of the top beach destinations in Malaysia, with pristine beaches, breathtaking sunrises, and soft sand to the touch.

One of the biggest attractions here is the numerous diving and snorkeling spots to explore underwater life.

Plentiful water sports activities like Kayaks, Jet Ski rides, parasailing, and boat rides are readily available.

Camping, Fire shows, buffets are other options to keep you entertained.


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It is a very picturesque island famous for its beautiful beaches and stunning bays.

A famous holiday destination for people from all over the world, Langkawi is a paradise for all beach lovers.

Other than the numerous water sports at hand for the adventure seekers, there are many snorkeling and diving spots for animal lovers.

One fantastic spot is the SkyBridge, a 125m steel suspension bridge that stretches between the peaks. Cable cars will take you to the bridge through the lush green forests surrounding the island.

Eagle Square is a symbol of Langkawi, and the origin of its name is another tourist spot.

Island hopping, duty-free shopping, and trying out fresh seafood are other enjoyable things to do.


One another UNESCO World Heritage Site, this vibrant city is a culture-rich place that is a delight to the eyes.

With its rich history, historical landmarks, and an assortment of hawker stalls and restaurants, Jonker Street offers everything you may need.

The Christ Church and the Old Town Hall are essential landmarks in the city.

The Malacca River Cruise can be well-enjoyed by both kids and adults.


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Ipoh lies in the state of Perak.

It’s least explored, but a place worth visiting for its rich culture and authentic Chinese food.

A mandatory on the checklist, the Lost World of Tambun is an excellent place for families. The theme park has lots of attractions. The Lost World Petting Zoo and the Lost World Hot Springs are one of a kind.

The dim sums here are spectacular, with a whole street called the Dim Sum street dedicated to this dish.

Perak Tong cave and the Ling Sen Tong Temple are good cultural visits.

Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan

(Img Source: ttrweekly)

Also known as East Malaysia, this part of Malaysia is part of the world’s third-largest island – Borneo Island.

It is the best place to spot an orangutan in the wild or see the world’s heaviest Rafflesia flower. Also, you can spot other indigenous and unique flora and fauna.

The islands boast some of the top-notch diving spots in the world, where underwater sea life is vibrant and colorful and thriving in a healthy ecosystem.

Mount Kinabalu is the tallest mountain in Southeast Asia, and several hiking trips could be chosen to have a breathtaking view from the peak.

Another notable attraction must be the Gunung Mulu National Park.

There is plenty of other lovely places t0 visit when on a vacay in Malaysia.

This magnificent country, with its warm and friendly people, lip-smacking food, and brilliant hospitality, is sure to mesmerize you.

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