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Pros and cons of video review

November 22, 2021

The primary element that makes success in online marketing is the online customer review.

Videos also help marketers to build stronger relationships with customers. Statistics show that nearly 91 percent of customers make use of online explainer videos to buy the products.

What is a video review? Why is video review better than textual review?

Customer review videos are the closest thing a business can get to personalized recommendations online. If customers are happy about the service, the business might provide a video review. Therefore, they are considered more reliable than other advertisements produced by a company.

Reviews are genuine feedback of the consumers, either positive or negative. Reviews exist in different ways, but most reviews exist through social media and Vlogs. Today, online video reviews frame definite footprints in customers’ minds. Consumers prefer video reviews over written reviews.

Let us have a look at some advantages of video reviews:

Sharing real-time feedback experiences through videos makes the buyers trust the product. Reading can sometimes lead to misinterpretation of data. Some words do not convey the exact meaning. Videos are an entertainment factor that is easier to follow. It provokes viewers to laugh, cry, or anything that catches their attention is sure to entertain them. If the viewer finds the video entertaining, it is more likely that they would be interested in buying the same.

A customer might watch a video review of a product or service that already has their attention. The purpose of the video review is to keep that attention and ignite their interest. For example, If a customer is looking at a review of a beauty product, the customer will look at the product, which makes the customer buy the right product and the actual feedback experience makes it even more reliable.

Information of historical and current data also can be delivered in three-second videos. If you make the extra effort to create quality videos using the right visual effect, you can effectively educate your clients. Compared to other forms of reviews, video reviews can easily give the message in a matter of seconds.

Video reviews work best for people who have a short attention span. Videos are also very accessible and convenient for mobile users. As people use mobile phones more, videos capture the mind simultaneously. Videos are trendy and interactive. People nowadays are eager to find information in a fraction of a second. Videos deliver the exact information in minimal time duration, which is better than spending more time reading some text.

Many business owners would be unsure about allowing negative reviews to be published. However, presenting a few flaws and details of how you successfully resolved them will help rebuild customer trust. It is important to note that if you continue to improve your interaction with customers through reviews, the pros of using online customer reviews for both service and products can overcome the cons.

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