Customer engagement is significant to have customer retention

October 18, 2021

Every relationship is developed based on trust and understanding of each other. Relationships between a business and it’s customers are mandatory. Customers are the most valuable asset to any company. “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” rings true for any relationship.

Customer engagement is the most vital element in creating bonds with your customers. This bond allows customers to build trust in the brand and its products. Now every brand has realized that customer retention is essential to build a successful business. They ask for your opinion whenever you buy an item from an e-commerce website. Product development is completed with the help of reviews from thousands of customers. Those reviews convey an indirect message that the product/service has so many happy customers.

Customer engagement:
Customer engagement is the process of creating an emotional connection between a customer and a brand. The more customers are involved, the more they buy, the more they advertise, and people show loyalty. Providing a high-quality customer experience is part of your customer engagement strategy.

Why is Customer engagement essential for business?
Regardless of the size of your business, customer engagement tools have become a criterion for every business. Utilizes digital communication channels to deliver high value to customers and meet customer expectations.

Not overlooking the importance of well-engaged customers:

Improved Customer Loyalty: Loyal customers stay connected by excellent customer service. Customers with a personalized experience will return to their favorite brand to make more purchases in the future.
Increasing business revenue: When businesses invest in enhancing the processes and ideas that customers are involved in, it reflects in their returns. Higher customer satisfaction eventually results in increased revenue.
A competitive advantage: A well planned engagement strategy helps to provide a consistent customer experience. It helps businesses create consistency and attract more customers.
Exploring this in-depth and implementing an effective customer engagement model is the foundation for every company. Staying in touch with the needs of the customer base helps companies to maintain their competitive advantage.

Over the years, businesses have shown greater emphasis in this process. Customer expectations of the product have increased dramatically. Let us look at a small example of how a famous beverage firm’s customer engagement strategy has improved its sales.

Share-a-coke, share-a-feeling:
In 2016, Coca-Cola adopted a new marketing strategy called ‘Share-a-Coke,’ in which they removed the company logo and used generic names used in the United States instead. The campaign was a huge success, with a few customers saying they could even see a part of themselves in a bottle of Coke. The customer felt very special and made an emotional connection with the brand.

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