Customer Feedback: Outcome of Customer Satisfaction

October 18, 2021

Customer feedback and customer satisfaction, how do these two terms relate?
Customer satisfaction is measured by the feedback they give. On an average, only 73% of customers who purchase an item are fully satisfied with it. But there are two simple questions to find out how satisfied each customer is with the product they have purchased

What are their values before purchase?
Brand image is an important factor at this stage because every customer will do a little research online about that product before buying an item for the first time. If you have a good brand image, there is a 65% probability that customers will choose your product over your competitors. However, not everything that customers imagine before buying the product will affect your business image much.

What is their opinion about the value offered after purchase?
Now comes the hard part, because the product must contain all the imaginary things that the customer feels before purchasing an item. But it is difficult to put everything in your product to satisfy customers, true is customers are insatiable in nature. At the very least you can put what they like most in your product. To find out what they like about your product, you need to know why they are buying it and how they are going to use it. By getting it right you can try to stun them in a different way.

Businesses need to build trust with their customers to strike a balance between customer acquisition and bringing in new customers. It is always good to get feedback for your product because it shows that customers expect businesses to be satisfied. Satisfied customers give appreciative reviews for your product. They act as a free marketing tool to promote your brand, and they bring new customers to your customers. But what if you get unsupported comments? But it is good to get any feedback that will help your business grow better without getting sick. However, as a business, you should always be in touch to gain a deeper understanding of what your customers expect from you. Review it, the video review community will help businesses identify what customers want from you. Businesses can register themselves in our app to get video reviews from their customers and try to get more satisfied customers.