Review heist

October 18, 2021

Influence of video reviews that turned a national show into a global phenomenon.

A few years ago unexpectedly one thing started trending worldwide, even though the company did not expect an incredible reaction from their fans. This all started when a show called ‘La Casa de Papel’ aka ‘Money heist’ started streaming on Netflix, a Spanish series that flopped as a national show yet turned out to be a super-duper hit on Netflix.

There are tons of web series on Netflix, but this one is unique. Money Heist is a Spanish show that was telecasted in 2017 in Spain alone, but turned out to be an utter flop. Netflix bought the rights for a shocking amount of $2, which became one of the most-watched web series on the internet. That all happened because fans who watched the show started mimicking the character on the internet and posting videos of them wearing the Salvador Dali Face Mask of the show, has become a massive trend on social media and the fanbase of the show has drastically increased instantaneously. The video review of the show was excellent and made everyone watch it during this lockdown. Netflix said that “Money Heist became an early entry to the Top 10 list, drawing more than 65 million.

Not only the show got popular, Tokyo aka Ursula Corbero who plays one of the lead roles in the show had gained 20 million Instagram followers as of January 2021, which was more than Spanish celebrities Penelope Cruz, Antonio Banderas and Rafael Nadal. All of this popularity was because of the popularity of video reviews posted by fans on social media pages.

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