What is the right time to approach the customer for feedback?

October 18, 2021

Customer feedback is a priceless asset to any company. Getting feedback from your customers will help you learn how to best serve them. The best way to measure customer satisfaction is to analyze customer feedback. Not all customers are willing to give you feedback. Some customers think leaving a review is not important and does not really impact the buying experience. A review is valuable to your business when the customer is personally interested in providing it to you.

Why is it important to ask customer feedback for your business?
Research shows that every unhappy customer shares their experience with 10 others, who may be your customers in the future. Also, with great social media usage, negative comments can spread like wildfire and damage your brand’s reputation.

Do you think customers will be ready to give you feedback at any time?
At least as a business, you need to know when to ask customers for feedback and when not to?

Here are few points which may assist you:

1. Post-sales feedback is very important for any business to improve customer satisfaction in the future.
2. After contacting a customer care center, you can ask for a review.
3. When the customer leaves your store.
4. If you look for them at the right time, reviews will give you good ideas that can improve your business results.
5. Do you have a CRM team to maintain a close relationship with the portfolio of customers you serve, then feel free to add a personal contact and let your customers review their experiences in person.
6. If you have received excellent reviews from a customer or received positive feedback from them, you have reached the level of customer happiness. During these moments, you have the opportunity to get good reviews from your customers.
7. Instead of asking customers direct questions, you can improve the conversation by using an open-ended question to start the conversation

No matter where you come from, if you respond to every feedback from your customers, it will always help you improve your business in the best possible way. But first, try getting feedback.

Benefits of Customer Feedback:
To improve your skills and grow professionally, it is essential to get feedback on your product or service. You can not repair a broken product or service if you do not know what it is!

Feedback can help improve your performance and increase your business prospects. This can lead to many opportunities. It builds your self-confidence and proves to your customers that you really care about their experience.

On the other hand, you may feel that your contributions are not valued or noticed because no feedback is available. This calls into question the importance of the work you do and your overall ability. This can damage your morale and self-esteem. This is why it is important that you take the initiative in asking for feedback, especially if your customers do not provide it. Review it as a video review platform where thousands of people post video reviews about your product or service. This will help take your business to the next level. To start getting video reviews from your customers, just register your business through our app.

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