Satisfying Customers: The ultimate goal of every business

October 18, 2021

What is the main objective of starting a business? Is it Profit-making? Is it showing how powerful you and your company are to the world? Is it to become rich? Is it for leading a happy life? Well, it is not only about the above-said things. A business should not only make money but also make people’s lives better and simpler.

Philip Kotler, Father of marketing says customer satisfaction is “a person’s sense of happiness or disappointment as a result of comparing the perceived performance or effect of an object with his or her expectations.” But this can often be a vague goal with little understanding. Customers are insatiable in nature; they always expect more but are willing to offer less. There are two factors in satisfaction: one is needed, another one is wanted. Businesses must satisfy all the needs factors and compensate for wants according to the feasibility of the business.

There are 3 types of customer satisfaction in general:

1) Meeting Customer Expectations
2) Surpassing Customer Expectations
3) Delighting your Customers

1) Meeting Customer Expectations:
This is the first type, you do not have to put in any effort. In the meantime, if one of your competitors does something bigger than you to meet their expectations, you lose the opportunity to retain them. Not only that, you are more likely to lose them, so make sure that you always meet your customer needs.
Customer Expectations = Customer Satisfaction

2) Surpassing Customer Expectations:
Now, the time has come to go beyond mere expectations. How to recover yourself in this way? A friendly customer service that provides instant solutions, regular feedback sessions may bring you to this point. You need to know that customer satisfaction is more than just subscribing to your product, as you have been elevated to second place. Exceeding their basic expectations here will create a treasure trove of customer retention and ultimately increase your profit margin.
Customer Expectations <= Customer Satisfaction

3) Delighting your Customers:
Not only have they seen their basic expectations fulfilled and surpassed, but as a company, you have reached them on an emotional note. This is the beginning of developing faith in yourself. Attracting a loyal customer from the clutches of a competitor can be a daunting task for some and at the same time ensuring that you are pleasing your customers. You are paving the way for building a good profitable business. It’s not always expensive. You can entertain them in countless inexpensive ways.
Customer Expectations < Customer Satisfaction

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